Fruits and Veggies for Phase 3 HCG

We have given lots of information about what to eat while on Phase 2 (P2) of the HCG diet, but, it is equally important to discuss the foods that can and cannot be eaten while on Phase 3 (P3). Lets Start with fruits and veggies:

Veggies to Avoid on P3

It is very important to know that starchy and sugary foods should be avoided while on the P3 of the HCG diet protocol.

Starchy Vegetables- high in carbs
* Beets
* Carrots (depends on diet)
* Corn
* Parsnips
* Peas
* Plantains
* Potatoes
* Winter Squashes (acorn and butternut)

Fruits to avoid on P3

Fruits high in sugar:
* Grapes
* Kiwi
* Oranges
* Pineapple
* Tangerine

Fruits to avoid on maintenance Phase

* Bananas
* Dried Fruit
* Mango