HCG Diet: Dealing With Hunger Pains!

The HCG diet promises fantastic, quick, healthy weight loss, without hunger pains. And it really works, but the fact is some people do get hunger pains. One thing we have noticed with our own customers is that the hcg diet hunger pains are usually only experienced by those who have about 20 pounds or less to lose. Those with more weight to lose usually don’t have this problem. Here are some effective, real world solutions we have found:

1. Don’t skip the “binge phase!” You are supposed to load up on fatty foods the first two days of the HCG diet, before dropping into the 500 calorie regimen. Don’t skip this phase! It is what prepares your body for the 1,200 to 2,000 calories a day of fat burn that accompanies the HCG diet and provides those necessary calories that provide energy and keep the hunger down.
2. Tough out the first week. If you are hungry, it rarely lasts past week one. So don’t give up too early, keep going for at least a week, even ten days. More often than not you’ll be fine after that.
3. Take an extra shot of HCG. Yup, if you are using the safe sublingual drops, it won’t hurt you to take more. If you start feeling hungry, just take another shot of 10-15 drops and it will often curb the cravings.
4. An apple a day‚Ķ If you really just can’t take it, “cheat” with apples. Apples are nutritious, filling, and healthy. We have a customer who lost thirty pounds in 23 days, and cheated all the way with apples!
5. Check your thyroid. Many people have an under achieving thyroid, and if you do, weight loss in general will be tough. Your body just isn’t able to “burn” it off like other peoples. Check your temperature with a thermometer under your arm. Your core temperature should be 98.2- 98.6. If it’s lower than that, see your doctor to have your Thyroid checked.

With these tips, you should be able to finish your HCG diet just fine, and drop a whole lot of stubborn pounds as well!


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