HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss

HCG has become the weight loss method of choice for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Why? There are a lot of reasons, but here are 3 really big ones:

  • 1. It works!
  • 2. It’s inexpensive!
  • 3. It’s 100% natural!

1. HCG Works. If you are tired of expensive diets that take forever to work, why not try HCG weight loss as an inexpensive alternative to all the gimmicks and expensive “cures” out there? You will literally SEE results within weeks!

2. Can you think of another weight loss method as inexpensive as HCG? Probably not. Just like our headline says, “Give Us Just 21 Days and Both You And Your Doctor Will Be Amazed!”

3. Go natural! HCG is a 100% natural hormone that’s found in your body anyway. For decades doctors have been prescribing it as a natural and healthy way to lose weight quickly and safely. No drugs, no surgery, just a new, skinny you in just a few weeks!

Best of all, HCG EZ Drops are guaranteed! Just choose a package below to get your HCG EZ Drops shipped right away!

Can Men Use HCG to Lose Weight?

Understandably, a lot of men are skeptical to begin taking HCG, a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy. A lot of misinformation has come out regarding males taking HCG, nearly all of it false. It’s important to understand that HCG is NOT a sex hormone.

HCG was first used to treat obesity in only males and it did so with a surprisingly high success rate. Over the 50 years since Dr Simeons introduced HCG his protocol it still proves to be entirely safe and effective.

The HCG hormone is safe and effective for both sexes. HCG helps develop better body composition and shed fat at the same time. While both men and women see dramatic results, men actually tend to lose up to 50% more weight per day using the same HCG diet. Over a typical 4 week HCG course, this amounts to an extra 12 lbs. of weight.

So YES men… YOU can safely take HCG!

Did you cheat on the HCG diet on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving! Just mentioning the name brings images of delicious food. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie… So how bad was it? How closely did you follow the HCG protocol? Did you cheat and if you did what can you do to get back on track?

If are on the HCG diet and did cheat on Thanksgiving you are NOT alone! There are people who actually plan on cheating while on the HCG diet, but ONLY for Thanksgiving dinner. But now what?

Hopefully you kept yourself in check and at a minimum. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

1. STOP cheating – May sound obvious but once started it is becomes easier to cheat. STOP!
2. Have an Apple Day – Eat up to 6 apples
3. Drink water – Increase the amount of water you are drinking. The amount of water you should be drinking should be around a 1/2 gallon to a gallon. Increase it! The more you drink the fuller you will feel and the more you will flush out of your body!
4. Forgive yourself – The meal is over and hopefully you enjoyed yourself. If the scale shows how much you enjoyed the meal don’t worry about it. You will lose the weight when you get back on the HCG diet protocol. Move on!

What To Do About Thanksgiving While On The HCG EZ Drops Diet!

If you’re currently on the HCG EZ Drops diet, you may be asking yourself the BIG question… what am I going to do on Thanksgiving Day?

Here’s some pointers that will help you enjoy the day, without blowing your diet!

1. Allow yourself to cheat- a little. Chances are, trying to stick to 500 calories on Thanksgiving day isn’t going to happen. So rather than beat yourself up about it, plan on cheating, just don’t go crazy!
2. It’s about fat. During the HCG diet, the main thing to avoid is fat. Keeping as much fat out of your body during the main diet phase is critical. So, when you’re loading your plate, avoid the gravy, and other high calorie, high fat items and instead focus on the turkey and vegetables.

3. What about dessert?! Here again, if this is going to be a “cheat day,” make sure you don’t cheat too much! Does the slice of apple pie really have to cover the whole plate? Instead, take a smalll serving, and eat it slowly, with slow bites. Often, enjoying a dessert isn’t so much about quantity as quality! A massive piece of pie eaten in 30 seconds doesn’t bring as much satisfaction as a small piece eaten over five minutes.

Chances are, you won’t have the desire to gorge anyway. Take a reasonable plate of food, focus on the healthy choices, and eat it slowly and in small bites, and you’ll be surprised how satisfying a healthy Thanksgiving dinner really can be!

Have you been searching the web or marketplace for a fat loss diet plan that works? If you have you may have come across the oral HCG weight loss program. People all over American are using the HCG diet plan and getting fantastic results! Now might be the time for you to look into what oral HCG has to offer you for weight loss.

Let’s take a quick look so you can see just how effective HCG for weightloss really is.

Dramatically Enhanced Fat Utilization
First let’s consider fat utilization. Typically on a diet you burn calories utilizing calories and carbohydrates first. Not with HCG. On the HCG diet plan you will be eating a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories. The HCG hormone will release your stored fat to be utilized by your body for fuel and energy. The HCG will release to your body an additional 1500 – 3000 calories from stored fat for your body to use! That’s right, all coming from stored fat not from lean muscle! Fat will literally be melting from your body!

No Exercise Required
Second biggest benefit and the primary reason people choose oral HCG for weight loss is because no exercise is required. Yes, you read that right! People are losing 1 -2 pounds a day with no exercise. Many people lead a busy life and don’t have time for regular workout sessions. This is the diet plan for them. Exercise is actually not even recommended while following the plan for the 26-40 day cycle.

Fast Results That Stay Off
Lastly, the best reason to choose oral HCG for weight loss is because the weight loss will be permanent! How many times have you lost weight to only gain it back once you go off the diet? That is because your metabolism slowed down and when you started eating normally again it didn’t start back up. The HCG diet is different.

The HCG drops will work with your Hypothalamus gland to reset your metabolism. Your metabolism will reset itself so that once you are finished with the cycle, you’ll be burning calories at an elevated rate again. The end result is that you see lasting fat loss success.

What do I do if I reach a plateau with my weight loss during the HCG Diet?

If you have not been taking hCG for more than 42 days you will break the plateau by doing an apple day. Eat six apples throughout the day, resume the HCG diet requirements the following day.

If you still are not losing weight than you have become immune to hCG and need to go to the next phase of the diet. You can start another cycle of hCG in 6 weeks.

HCG Diet Fat Loss

If you’re on the HCG Diet plan it’s helpful to understand the different types of fat in our body. Dr. Simeons, who discovered the HCG diet in 1954, concluded that the body has three different types of fat.

Structural fat (essential fat between the organs etc.)
Normal fat (for the body to use as fuel.)
Abnormal fat (the stuff you don’t want!)

Many diets don’t address these types of fat, and often people inadvertently lose the wrong kind of fat!

HCG is a hormone produced in large amounts by pregnant women. It releases stored fat to the mother during pregnancy to help nourish the baby if her caloric intake is too low. HCG diet drops have the same effect in non-pregnant people.

HCG diet drops force the body to use abnormal fat as energy. On the HCG diet plan you should only eat 500 calories, which doesn’t sound like much, but you won’t be hungry because the HCG converts that bad fat into 1,200 to 4,000 calories per day!

Many HCG dieters lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat per day!

HCG not only uses stored fat, but it will also reduce your craving for food, reshaping your body to look the way you are ought to!