Real HCG Drops Or Fake- How To Spot Phonies

Real HCG drops are an amazing way to lose weight quickly and keep it off. But if you get fake drops, you’re out of luck. In this post I will explore how you can tell whether you are purchasing real oral HCG or fake HCG drops.real hcg ez drops

-First of all, check the country of origin. Many fake drops are being imported into the USA right now, while the real drops are manufactured in the US.

-A second great sign is a toll free number on the site. If the site doesn’t sell real drops, they usually don’t have an easy means of contacting them. A real human being picking up the phone is a great sign the the company is for real.

-The third thing you can look for is credibility pieces on the website. Things like secure shopping, “good manufacturing processes,” etc. These symbols may not mean much to you when you shop online, but if they are missing, buyer beware!

-The next thing to look for is a great guarantee. Fake manufacturers generally don’t offer a guarantee of any kind. Credible manufacturers of real HCG drops almost always include some type of money back guarantee. Check exactly what the guarantee is, and what the time frame is for returning the product to receive a full refund. If the product isn’t real, you can bet that they won’t give you your money back if it doesnt’ work!

-Another thing to check into is the testimonials on the site. Have you ever seen a site with a short list of testimonials that included no pictures, or didn’t tell you where the people were from? Or how about a site where all of the pictures looked like the “models” purposely put on weight just to lose it for the “after” picture? A good testimonials page includes a variety of different images, that includes real people, where they are from, and the images don’t look too slick or professional.

So while none of these things alone proves a website is legitimate, the combination of all of them ensures you are dealing with a reputable company. So, if you are ready to buy HCG Drops, get the real deal, and our 100% no questions asked “broken or empty bottle” guarantee, by clicking on the banner on the right! =====>

Here’s a great clip from the Rachel Ray show where an expert Doctor in the HCG diet space chats about this method with a couple of test subjects, one who took the shots, the other the drops, and interestingly, the girl who took the drops lost more weight: