What To Do About Thanksgiving While On The HCG EZ Drops Diet!

If you’re currently on the HCG EZ Drops diet, you may be asking yourself the BIG question… what am I going to do on Thanksgiving Day?

Here’s some pointers that will help you enjoy the day, without blowing your diet!

1. Allow yourself to cheat- a little. Chances are, trying to stick to 500 calories on Thanksgiving day isn’t going to happen. So rather than beat yourself up about it, plan on cheating, just don’t go crazy!

3. It’s about fat. During the HCG diet, the main thing to avoid is fat. Keeping as much fat out of your body during the main diet phase is critical. So, when you’re loading your plate, avoid the gravy, and other high calorie, high fat items and instead focus on the turkey and vegetables.

4. What about dessert?! Here again, if this is going to be a “cheat day,” make sure you don’t cheat too much! Does the slice of apple pie really have to cover the whole plate? Instead, take a smalll serving, and eat it slowly, with slow bites. Often, enjoying a dessert isn’t so much about quantity as quality! A massive piece of pie eaten in 30 seconds doesn’t bring as much satisfaction as a small piece eaten over five minutes.

Chances are, you won’t have the desire to gorge anyway. Take a reasonable plate of food, focus on the healthy choices, and eat it slowly and in small bites, and you’ll be surprised how satisfying a healthy Thanksgiving dinner really can be!