Great HCG EZ Drops Testimonial!

Check out this amazing testimonial! Terri F, from Florida, called in to find out more info about our affiliate program. While we were on the phone, she casually informed me about how she lost 30 pounds her first 3 weeks on HCG EZ Drops! Here’s what she said:

“I started HCG EZ Drops on Nov 6th, and lost 30 pounds by Thanksgiving! I not only kept the weightt off, but over Christmas I ate all the fun foods and enjoyed myself during the holidays but only gained about 2 pounds back! I’m back in my old clothes and feeling 100% better. Recently, I was carrying a 25 pound bag of cat food out of a store and I thought this is reall heavy, then I realized that’s about how much weight I just lost! I am so happy HCG EZ Drops. I am now referring the website to all my friends.

I bought some HCG before from another web-site, but they had no phone number, no support, the product was almost twice the cost, and I didn’t lose much weight. But with HCG EZ Drops I not onl got a better product, when I called for help half way through I got really good advice and was able to lose my target weight. I now refer drops to all my friends.”

Terri F, FL, USA

Wow! Thanks for sharing Terri! And she promised to share her before and after pics as soon as she gets home. We look forward to those and will put them in this post when we get them!