Dr. Simeons Diet | Pounds and Inches

Dr. Simeons, the founder of HCG,  Originally developed the protocol for adiposogenital dystrophy-  Also known as “fat boy syndrome.”  Through thorough research Dr. Simeons Discovered that the hormone HCG aided women during pregnancy to burn fat for energy during pregnancy.  Dr. Simeons had hundreds of patients with fat boy syndrome use HCG in combination with a very low calorie diet and found that they lost significant amounts of weight.

Continuing his HCG research he found that both grown men and women lost large amounts of weight while on the HCG Diet.  He recorded his research, tests, and data and compiled them into a book which he titled Pounds and Inches.  You can find a pdf file of his book here:

Click here to download the Pounds And Inches e-book

Dr. Simeons diet was originally only available as an HCG injection.  This kept many people from trying it for many years.  Patients would have to find an HCG clinic where they would receive 2 injections daily.  Thankfully the days of HCG injections are a thing of the past.  Today you can find natural and safe HCG Drops which you can take in the comfort of your own home.

Thousands of people have lost weight with Dr. Simeons Protocol.  Dieters can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per day over a 21 day period.  Most importantly however is that HCG resets the hypothalimus, therefore resetting what your body considers to be your standard weight. I.e  dieters don’t gain the weight back at the end of the diet.

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