EZ Drops Testimonials

There’s just nothing like real, happy customers who submit testimonials to validate a product. So, here’s a compilation of UNSOLICITED testimonials, all of which are simply copied and pasted from our Facebook page. Thanks for submitting if you are one of these people!

Testimonial: “Started 2 days ago and am down 3 lbs already.” – Linda Rose M. http://ezlk.net/testi25

Testimonial: “so far 19 in 4 wks.” – Cindy C. See her testi here: http://ezlk.net/testi24

Testimonial: “round 1 for 40 days, i lost 32.6 lbs and 17 inches, very happy”- Debbie K. Find her testi here: http://ezlk.net/testi23

Testimonial: Lost 5 lbs during TOM. or 7 days into the hcg diet low calorie phase. Now on Phase 3. – Karen S’s daughter.

Testimonial: “now i am on P2 day 2 and lost about 2 kg. – -!” – Niketa W.

Testimonial: Back at 1st day on phase 2 lost 5.6 lbs a new record for me. – Lindsay W. http://ezlk.net/testi20

Testimonial: “Both me and my husband have had lots of success. I am down 25 lbs and he is down 30 lbs.” – A. Moore

Testimonial: “Had the best first week ever lost 17 pounds !!!! I’m still in shock” – Lindsay W. Check testi here: http://ezlk.net/testi17

Testimonial: “Back at 1st day on P2 lost 5.6 lbs a new record for me motivated to lose 20 by Christmas” Lindsay W. http://ezlk.net/testi16

Testimonial: Annmarie M. lost 12 lbs in 9 days.

Testimonial: “AFTER PICTURE 25 POUNDS LIGHTER WOOHOO THANK YOU HCG DROPS” – Sierra S.  http://ezlk.net/testi15

Testimonial: I lost 28 pounds. – Marwa E. Check it here: http://ezlk.net/testi11

Testimonial: In two months I lost a total of 47 lbs and have kept. It off, this stuff keeps you from being hungry and I concentrated on what, I could have and not what, I couldn’t have, I totally adm for this, however my Dr thought I would gain the weight right back, so far I haven’t. – Betty J.

Testimonial: I lost 68lbs in 52 days on your HCG EZ Drops” – Sheri C. http://ezlk.net/testi8

Testimonial: 2nd day on the drops when I 1st started, I lost 6lbs. In a week I lost 12lbs. – Sheri C. http://ezlk.net/testi8

Testimonial:2 yrs ago my daughter lost 48lbs in 42 days. Now 15 lbs in 15 days.’ Sheri C. http://ezlk.net/testi7

Testimonial: l lost 20 lb’s in 2 weeks doing those drops and the diet!!! – Betty J. http://ezlk.net/testi8

Testimonial: ‘My daughter did the 800 cal a day with the breakfast. She lost 7 lbs in one day too!’ – Sheri C. –>   http://ezlk.net/testi7

Testimonial: “My 17 yr old daughter lost 15lbs in 15 days on your brand of HCG. First time she did it she two years ago she lost 48lbs in 42 days She went back on to lose the little she gained back over time from returning to old eating habits.”http://ezlk.net/testi7

Testimonial: Lost 97 lbs total – Lindsay W. Check her post here —>http://ezlk.net/testi6

Testimonial: Lindsey L. lost 4 #lbs on her 1st day of the 800 calorie HCG diet. See her progress here: http://ezlk.net/testihcg

Testimonial:Mary L. lost 22 lbs in 13 days doing HCG 800 cal. diet.

Testimonial: “I am really excited about when I finally come off the diet with the brochure gives me the foods I can eat while not dieting as well. What I like about this diet one it works but teaches me portion control” – Sierra S. http://ezlk.net/testihcg1

Testimonial: “I’m on Day 17 and I’ve lost 20 lbs since July 18th.” – Tracey N. Read her post here –> http://ezlk.net/testihcg2

Testimonial: Karen S. lost 9 lbs in 3 days. She’s a few lbs more to reach her goal & she’s so excited!

Testimonial: Veronica J. lost 26 lbs. doing EZ Diet. Look up her testi here –> http://ezlk.net/testihcg3

Testimonial: Lara K. lost 12.8 lbs in 14 days w/ HCG EZ Diet! Follow her progress here –> http://ezlk.net/testimonial

Testimonial: A shout out to Latrina R. for losing 15 lbs. She’s on her way to Phase 3. Carry on Latrina and congrats again!

Testimonial: Lindsay W.’s weight loss update: 19.6 lbs in 2 weeks doing 800 calorie diet. Look up her testi here–>http://ezlk.net/testi2

Testimonial: Lindsey L. is so happy that she switched from the from 500 to the  800 calorie protocol on her 2nd round! She lost 4 pounds on her first day! Dr. Robbins created the 800 and 1200 calorie plans just for HCG EZ Drops because it is much safer and gives long  term results.

Testimonial: A big Kudos to Piyali G. for her weight loss on HCG diet. Here’s an excerpt of her testimonial. “I have lost a total of 15 lbs. My goal is to lose 30 more, but this is very encouraging to begin with. :-)”

Testimonial: “I just wanted to say thanks to the drops and all the support hcg has changed my life so much. This past sat i did my first 5k less than a year ago i got out of breath walking down the street i dont think i have ever been more proud of myself . I hope everyone on this site knowns how much there support and advice has changed so many lifes so thanks !!!there were so many days I wanted to give up but all the support has helped push me through.” – Lindsay W. http://ezlk.net/testi5

Testimonial: Linsday W. lost 38 lbs and just concluded her 3rd round on HCG diet. She’s lost 79.4 lbs total. She’s gonna be doing another round soon aiming to hit the 100 lbs weight loss mark. You wont see her personal message to us as she’s having some technical issues on her cell phone but that wouldn’t stop us from congratulating her. So congrats Lindsay! Keep it up and keep it off!

Testimonial: I love HCG!! I lost 29 pounds in 33 days and have kept it off. I only fluctuate 3 pounds and keep it in check easily! Thank you HCG EZ Drops! Verity M. Read her actual statement here –> http://ezlk.net/testi27

Testimonial: Day 7. 9.57 lbs lost. 4 inches off hips/belly area. 1 inch off waist. I was skeptical, I admit. But this is very encouraging. Check out her post here –> http://ezlk.net/testi3

Testimonial: “from 110 lbs im now down to 106 lbs. in 3 days thanks a lot for the support and the motivation” Kate L.C.A. from the Philippines

Testimonial: “I have been on the diet 2 days and I have lost 3 pounds already” Sierra S., http://ezlk.net/testihcg4

Testimonial:”I love HCG!! I lost 29 pounds in 33 days and have kept it off. Thank you HCG EZ Drops!” – Veritea L.  http://ezlk.net/testihcg5

Testimonial: “These are my miracle in a bottle! 30lbs down…” Lori H. http://ezlk.net/testi

Testimonial:  “I’ve lost 16 lbs in the 2 wks I’ve been on it and I feel so much better already even though I still have a ways to go.” Sandra B.

Testimonial: “Both me and my husband have had lots of success with the drops. I am down 25 lbs & he is down 30 lbs.

Testimonial: “I recommend that African Mango w/ the EZ Drops. I lost 29 lbs so far!” Sam Katoa