HCG Drops For Rapid Weightloss

9 Reasons HCG Drops are Superior to Slower Methods

1. HCG drops work. This is undeniable… there are literally hundreds of thousands of case studies, a literal mountain of evidence that people who use the hcg drops protocol lose weight.

2. They are inexpensive. Let’s face it, weight loss is a billion dollar plus industry… and lots of companies would love to get into your wallet for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. But for under a hundred bucks, you can lose 15-30 pounds without having to buy any expensive shakes or potions. Talk about affordable.hcg drops infographic

3. They are much more convenient than shots. Considering HCG injections? Yuck. A shot every day, versus put some hcg drops under your tongue? There really is no comparison, drops are less expensive, easier to use, and less painful than shots. That’s why they out-sell hcg injections by over 2-1 online.

4. No hormone imbalances. Many health practitioners are haters of the HCG diet not because it doesn’t work, but because they saw too many patients end up shedding pounds, but gaining new problems, hormone imbalances being at the top of the list. Many people don’t know that hormones are made up 100% of amino acids, and that most good quality HCG drop products are comprised of just the right combination of amino acids and other elements that cause the body to respond just as if it had taken in HCG, but these amino acids don’t cause the hormone imbalances.

5. Rapid weight loss beats slow methods in both long term and short term effectiveness. Don’t believe it? It’s been thoroughly myth-busted in high level, high participant clinical studies. Using HCG EZ Drops along with a very specific diet is something that anybody can do… for a short time. Let’s face it, as human beings we have a tough time sticking with things for a long time. How many times do we get highly motivated to do something (like get in shape) only to find that just 3 weeks later we fall off the bandwagon. But with a rapid weight loss protocol, three weeks later we can be down 15-20 pounds before our motivation runs out!

6. If you buy your drops from us, we provide a private 1 on 1 session with Dr. Kepo’o to ensure you get amazing medical insight and direction. You know the saying at the bottom of every health website that says “check with a doctor before starting an exercise or diet regimen?” Well, we make that easy! (and at no extra charge!) Check out our qualifying packages here.

7. HCG EZ Drops are made right here in the good old US of A! You may have heard the complaints about off shore fake drops or artificial HCG injections… if you go with our product you are assured of the highest possible potency, quality, and effectiveness. Our facility is GMP certified, meaning the FDA checks on the processes and products on a regular basis.

8. 60 day “opened or broken bottle” guarantee. Unhappy for any reason? Send back the drops opened, half full, broken, run over by your car… whatever. If we receive it back within 60 days, you get back your full purchase price! Crazy good, right?

9. Because we are really nice people who actually care about you and want you to succeed. Really, we love our customers, we love their success stories, we are here to help however we can. We are a small, but friendly group of people who know this whole HCG drops thing like nobody else out there, and want nothing more than for you to achieve your ideal body weight with our product.

So, what have you got to lose? Well, besides that extra stubborn weight? Click here to get started!

And check out the great clip from the Rachel Ray show about HCG Drops. And notice how the woman who did drops lost more weight than the one who did injections 😉