Higher Calorie HCG Diet

Could it be that you can lose weight on a higher calorie HCG diet?! According to Dr. Daniel Koontz, you can! And our own research has shown that test subjects lose weight and keep it off, even on 1200 to 1800 calorie diets.

“One of my customers is a construction worker who is very active. He ate 1800 calories a day, while taking HCG EZ Drops, and lost half a pound a day.” Says Darren Freeman, an HCG EZ Drops distributor. “We had another guy do 1200 calories at the same time, and he lost closer to 3/4 of a pound a day.”

So, there you have it. More calories, less weight loss, but hey, half a pound a day still beats every other weight loss method silly! So if you’re interested in sublingual HCG drops, but worried about the 500 calorie diet, give it a shot on a higher calorie protocol, you can still lose weight fast and keep it off!

Check out our own Sam Katoa, an ex football player who lost 50 pounds on the HCG Diet while following the 1200 calories protocol: