Our Pretty Dang Cool New Promotion

You probably saw our unique new promotion, “Get a free product on Amazon with every order!” Well, it’s a good’un.

There are four products to choose from:

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals mimi's miracle minerals fulvic acid product
A bio-available mineral complex with over 72 trace minerals! This has been a life-changing product for many people, and could for you too, even if you’re a vegan or otherwise super clean eater. The fact is, our modern farming methods and chemicals have caused our foods to be less mineral rich than they used to be. Take Mimi’s Miracle Minerals to fill in the “mineral blanks” in your diet.


Mimi’s OmegasOmega 3 per serving
Most Omega 3 products don’t meet the 5 criteria that fish oil should:
-Pharmaceutical Grade
-Burpless (no fishy aftertaste)
-Metals tested (no mercury or other heavy metals)
-Good country of origin (Canada or Norway)
-Potency (at least 1,000 MG of heart healthy goodness in every serving)

Well, you guessed it, Mimi’s Omegas has all 3! Try a bottle and we bet you’ll never go back to your old brand!


Raspberry Ketone ProMainImage
“Fat Burner in a Bottle” is what Dr. Oz calls Raspberry Ketones. And our blend is far superior to most out there, with 800 MG of Raspberry Ketones per serving! It’s a super follow up to the HCG Diet, and helps during transition phase to keep those pounds off!


bottle brightnessPounds and Inches Drops
It’s the same formula as our famous HCG EZ Drops, but formulated specially for sale on Amazon. Same great product, different look and feel, and has a 2 year life span. So, great to have on hand next time you need to lose a few pounds in a hurry!

If you have placed an order on hcgezdrops.com or vitalhcg.com since January 1st, you quality for this deal! All you have to do is choose which product you want, and send an e-mail to support@ezwellnessclub.com with your request, and you will be supplied with 100% off coupons! For most people the shipping will be free too, but depending on where you live, and the type of Amazon account you have, there may be a very small Amazon fee for shipping (we don’t get this, it goes straight to them.)

If you bought 1 bottle, you pick any product from the list above, if you bought 2 or more bottles, you pick any 2 products above! So just shoot us an e-mail with your name and contact info, and the bottles you prefer, and voila! We will send you freebie codes!