Oral HCG: Everything You Need to Know

What you need to know about oral HCG

Well, first of all, Oral HCG doesn’t suck, like, say, taking a needle every day! When you buy HCG drops you get¬†the following advantages over it’s more expensive cousin, the injection method:

1. HCG drops are less expensive.

2. They don’t require accessories, such as needles and mixing paraphernalia.

3. They can be carried with you conveniently, and taken when you are hungry. Try taking an injection when you’re out with friends ūüėČ

4. They don’t cause hormone imbalances. (Injections do). The reason for this is they are Amino Acid based. The original protocol called for large doses of a hormone, HCG. (extracted from the urine or pregnant women. Really, you can Google it.) But hormones are 100% made up of amino acids. A few years ago, a really smart person realized the right mix of amino acids created the same weight loss effect, minus the negatives of over-dosing on a hormone. Yay team.

5. HCG EZ Drops are manufactured in a United States, GMP, FDA inspected facility. They are of super high quality. When you buy the HCG hormone, and mix it up to inject it, you have to be darn sure what you bought! You can trust the sublingual drops for safety and consistency of formulation.

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Sublingual HCG Drops Double Blind StudyDiet-in-America

Some critics of the sublingual HCG diet complain that anybody should lose weight on a very low calorie diet.

But Dr. Belluscio completed a double blind study in which all volunteers submitted to the exact same VLCD schedule for five weeks, with one half given HCG drops (not shots) and the other half given a placebo.

Major take-aways:

-HCG oral administration proved to be a safe and effective procedure on obese treated volunteers.
-No side effects were observed during the research.
-Compared to placebo treated subjects, volunteers who were managed with an oral administration of HCG coped more efficiently with daily irritating situations, were in a better mood, and handled home conflicts without stepping up family discussions.
-Subjects on sublingual HCG drops decreased more significantly in the waist and abdominal circumferences than diet alone

The test concludes:

1. Female obese volunteers participating in a double blind study, and submitted to the administration of an oral presentation of hCG plus a VLCD, decreased specific body circumferences and skinfold thickness from conspicuous body areas more efficiently than Placebo+VLCD -treated subjects.

2. hCG oral administration proved to be a safe and effective procedure on obese treated volunteers. No side effects were observed during the study. There are no reports in the literature regarding this administration route to compare our findings.

3. Compared to placebo treated subjects, volunteers managed with an oral administration of hCG coped more efficiently with daily irritating situations, were in a better mood, and handled home conflicts without stepping up family discussions.
This study appears to contradict former conclusions on the issue of hCG and obesity. We attribute those differences to a different approach, including variables not assessed in former publications.

You can view the entire study here.

Oral HCG: About Low Quality Or Artificial Product

There’s some buzz online about low quality or even completely articifial oral HCG, especially product coming from off-shore. Many of our customers ask us about this. There are a couple of issues¬†buyers need to be aware of before making a purchase:

1. Is the product safe?
2. Is it real?
3. Is it potent?

In the United States, the best way to determine credibility of oral HCG is through the cGMP certification of the manufacturing facility. cGMP stands for “Current Good Manufacturing Process” manufacturing facility.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes cGMP:

“Good manufacturing practice” or “GMP” is part of a quality system covering the manufacture and testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics, foods, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices. GMPs are guidelines that outline the aspects of production and testing that can impact the quality of a product. Many countries have legislated that pharmaceutical and medical device companies must follow GMP procedures, and have created their own GMP guidelines that correspond with their legislation.”

We are proud that our product is:

1. Of the highest possible potency
2. A powerful amino acid based formulation (hormones are made up 100% of amino acids, but amino acid mixtures are safer then taking straight hormones)
3. Manufactured in the USA by a cMPG facility.

Go ahead and purchase your bottle now, you really can lose 1-2 pounds per day on oral HCG EZ Drops!