800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan

The 800 calorie HCG diet plan offers a more comfortable, less extreme HCG diet option than the 500 Calorie HCG diet plan originally developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950’s.

Developed exclusively for HCG EZ Drops by Dr. Keith Robbins, the diet is based on research conducted by Harvard Medical School along with Dr. Robbins extensive experience and field testing of diet plans and HCG dieting to help people with any form of metabolic syndrome- high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabeties.

According to Dr. Robbins, the 800 calorie diet can have just as effective weight loss as the 500 calorie plan, because the 500 calorie is too low on protein. “Protein consumption is critical to weight loss, as it keeps muscles strong, and metabolism high, so the body continually burns fat while on the HCG EZ Drops,” he says.

So, should you try the 800 calorie HCG diet? We highly recommend it, and have multiple testimonials from users that it is not only just as effective as the 500 calorie diet, but it’s easier to do, eliminates hunger pains, and is easier to keep the weight off when the diet is done.

Get Dr. Robbins 800 calorie HCG diet plan here.

This plan is for you if:

-You want to do the HCG diet but don’t feel comfortable going with the 500 calorie version because it’s too low on calories.
-You want to avoid hunger pains
-You are concerned about muscle loss during the diet and want to ensure you get enough protein
-You can go without strenuous exercise during the major weight loss phase of 21-40 days (if not, see the 1200 calorie option on the same page)